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 Stage 1
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09/04/2019 Stage 1
The Cycling Circuit of Castellania

The Circuit of Castellania is a cycle track in the province of Alessandria created to pay tribute to Fausto and Serse Coppi who were born there. The circuit measures 16.4 km of which 6.5 on the cycle path with 3 equipped rest areas.

For more info Circuito di Castellania 

09/04/2019 Stage 1
the Street of the Wines of Colli Tortonesi

The road includes all the routes that wind along vineyards, wineries and companies open to the public in the over thirty municipalities included in the Colli Tortonesi doc. Ideal for cycling.

For more info stradacollitortonesi.com 

09/04/2019 Stage 1
House-museum of Fausto Coppi

The house-museum collects relics and testimonies that tell the life of the "Campionissimo" and his brother Serse who were both born in Castellania. It is open to the public from March to October.
Via Fausto Coppi 2, Castellania.

For more info faustocoppi.it

09/04/2019 Stage 1
Palazzo della Guacciorna

Original residence of the '600, located at the limits of the territory of Cassano in the direction of Tortona.

For more info fondoambiente.it

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