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 Stage 7
Primo Piano
09/04/2019 Stage 7
The Road of the 52 tunnels
It is a 6.5 km long trail with 52 tunnels built by the Alpine troops (Italian soldiers stationed in the mountains) to reach the Polon peak sheltered from the Austrian artillery. Today it is a suggestive and challenging naturalistic itinerary (the climb takes two and a half hours at a good pace). It leaves from Bocchetta Campiglia and can be reached by going up from Schio or Rocoaro Terme.
09/04/2019 Stage 7
Buso della Rana Cave
With its 27 km of galleries it is the largest single entrance cave in Italy. The entrance is located in Monte di Malo (Vicenza) along the road to Priabona. Between June and July, musical performances and readings are set up in the square in front of the cave.
09/04/2019 Stage 7
Oliero Caves
Located about ten kilometers from Bassano del Grappa, the Natural Park of the Oliero Caves includes a nature-educational path that allows you to discover the beauty of the Brenta glacial valley.
09/04/2019 Stage 7
Villa Brunetti-Bonetti, named "Veronica"

It is a Villa of the early Eighteenth century located at the foot of the hill of San Sebastiano, in Cornedo, Vicenza. It includes a historic park that leads to the Sanctuary, from where you can admire the valley and the Little Dolomites. It can be visited from April to September.
Via Garibaldi, 11 - 36073 Cornedo Vicentino (VI).

For more info villevenetetour.com

09/04/2019 Stage 7
The "Split Mountain"

It is a rocky gorge in the Valle Inlele, five kilometers from Rocoaro Terme. It begins with a path and continues with a staircase that climbs up between the sheer rock walls. It can be visited from March to October, even at night, and blues music concerts are often held at its entrance.

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